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On the south coast of Upolu Island, beachside in peaceful surroundings, is the newest addition to Samoan Accommodation.

Samoa Hideaway Beach Fales offers traditional styled Samoan 'Fales" bungalows with beds, balconies and the Pacific Ocean at your doorstep. Samoa Hideaway Beach is the perfect place to check out that surf or to launch your fishing trip.

The fales come complete with your mosquito nets, coffee/tea making facilities and a lockable storage for your valuables. We have kayaks for those who are keen to explore or if you just wish to unwind, so pick your spot on the beach and do so. The Restaurant and Bar is well stocked and offers delights to sustain you during your well-deserved break.

We look forward to catching up when you are next in Samoa!

Matatufu Village, just past Utulaelae village on the South East Coast of Upolu Island. Approximately an hour from Apia Township or hour and a half from the Faleolo International Airport.


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Hotel Address: Matatufu , Apia

Getting there (local language)

Afai e te aga'i atu mai Apia, ona ui atu lea i le auala i Tiavi se'i tau atu i le magatolu i Siumu. Afe i le itu tauagavale ma agai atu i le nuu o Salani. Faaaoga le auala laupapa i Salani e ui ai agai Utulaelae. Pea ma se 3.8 kilomita ae tau loa i le faailoilo i Matatufu ona afe loa lea i lou itu taumatau i le Samoa Hideaway Beach.

Getting there

Public transport is available at the main bus stop in Apia. If you prefer private transport, there are competent rental providers that can service you.

If you are driving on your own from Apia, take the Cross Island Road to Siumu, turn left at the 3 corners in Siumu and head out towards Salani village. Take the bridge across Salani and drive for approximately 3.8 km until you spot the roadside signage and then turn right towards the seaside. You should be able to spot the large building housing reception and Restaurant and Bar from the roadside.