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Set on one of the most famous beaches in Samoa, Lalomanu, Taufua Beach Fales accommodation offers great food, a lively atmosphere and both enclosed and open beach bungalows. The budget style accommodation has beachfront restaurant that serves three excellent meals a day and a small bar for guests only. Lalomanu offers excellent swimming and snorkeling, and also has a small shop selling basic provisions.

The three enclosed fales set behind the beachfront fales have a small wooden verandah. Shared bathrooms (one for the boys, one for the girls) are located across the road in the family's garden. 

Taufua Beach Fales are situated on the beautiful Lalomanu Beach, along the South East Coast Road. It is about an hour and a half on the local bus from Apia Township or an hour's drive from town.


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Hotel Address: Lalomanu, South East Coast, Upolu Island, Upolu

Getting there

You can take a bus from the main bus stop in Apia.