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Travellers Point Hotel strives to provide an atmosphere that caters to the senses - where the elements of location, landscape, history, art and music, and convenience are coordinated in such a way to create an exciting and happy, homely and intimate, warm and positive environment, over and above room comfort and dedicated service.

The hotel is THE point where any traveller to Samoa is encouraged to visit or check in to eat, to drink, to sleep, to rest, to rejuvenate, to relax, to catch up with families and friends, to do business and to be entertained. It is any traveller's first point of arrival if you are heading out to other locations while in Samoa, given its central and convenient location at the beginning, of arguably Samoa's busiest street - Vaitele Street. The hotel is simply THE point for any traveller, where your needs are anticipated before your arrival.

At Travellers Point Hotel we endeavour to care for our guests in every possible way to provide convenience and to make your stay comfortable and your experience of Samoa a memorable one. 

We invite you to discover and experience our cosy boutique hotel

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