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Vaimoana Seaside Lodge is located at Asau, on Savaii Island, overlooking turquoise colored water, surrounded by lush gardens. The quaint lockable fales come complete with beds, ceiling fans and ocean views. There are also traditional styeld fales with no walls on the beach area.

The turquoise ocean beckons the fisherman in you to go fishing, snorkelling, surfing or just meditate in the shade or work your tan. At Vaimoana Seaside Lodge, relaxation is first and foremost. Enjoy a cocktail on the deck, checking out the stunning sunsets and enjoy dinner under the stars, of course, when its not raining!

Vaimoana Seaside Resort is located at Asau, north coast road, approximately 1 hour 40 minutes drive from Salelologa Wharf. It is directly across the road from Samoa Commercial Bank and National Bank of Samoa.


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Hotel Address: Vaisala, Asau

Getting there (local language)

A pue le pasi mai le uafu i Salelologa ona faaoga lea o le pasi a Auala po'o Vaisala.

Getting there

One can either take a local bus from Salelologa Wharf or a taxi. Take the Auala or Vaisala Bus.