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Samoan Highland Hideaway is one of the few remaining place, an untouched paradise, ready to be discovered. A land of lush vegetation mountains and beautiful coastlines and beaches.

Samoan Highland Hideway is nestled in the Highlands of the Alesia area of Upolu. It is an place unlike any other. Quiet, tranquil, and very private. Live the life in a tropical paradise.

You will love to experience the brilliance of the moon in its fullness and the rattling of tropical downpours on the roof. Serenity, the cool of the evening breeze and the boisterous chirping of the birds waking you into a new day will prepare you for the adventure that awaits you as you venture around and from your home away from home Samoa's Highland Hideaway.

im and Maria Walkden-Brown are now seeing their vision of providing a place for travelers to appreciate serenity and quietness in a beautiful and uncomplicated hideaway come true. Why, because that is what we ourselves seek….how much more for us to be share it with likeminded soles…..the Samoan Highland Hideaway.

Our quest seeded in the early 1970’s when Tim arrived in Samoa from Australia on his way to Canada. He met his wife Maria and now 38 years later after sojourns in and between Samoa, Canada, Australia and New Zealand we are entering into our dream. No wonder the iconic writer Robert Louis Stevenson had a similar dream. Our family is settled in Australia and Canada and sometimes Bosnia but they all adore the purity of the beauty, culture and simplicity of Samoa. So can you.

Tim has spent a lifetime in heavy engineering in many remote locations from the Canadian Arctic to the windswept Sub-Antarctic. Maria’s time away from Samoa saw her putting her heart into what she loves; serving people. She had the ongoing privilege of working alongside people from Africa and Asia while meeting premiers and Canadian hockey stars. Above all she loves her garden so where better than Samoa. As you can see we are a multicultural family, love meeting likeminded folk from all countries.

We built our present house in this beautiful and quietly remote highland region of Aleisa on the cross island road to Paradise Beach in the early 2000’s. Since then the grounds have developed and much of our sustenance matured. Currently we are building a traditional Samoan fale adjacent to the main house. We can’t wait to share this with our guests.