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Satuiatua Beach Fales are the only budget beach fale operation on the South West Coast of Savaii Island. It was initially established to host the many surfers who frequented this corner of Savai'i in Samoa. The traditional Samoan fales are located on the beach to ensure easy access to the water as well as watching the surf. A great place to vacation whether you are a keen surfer or simply wanting to relax by the sea.

Satuiatua Beach Fales is approximately an hours drive from the Salelologa Wharf on the South Coastal Road on Savaii Island.

Chief Leilua Tutogi is a retiree who along with her sister, Mate Schuster, owns and operates this Beach Fale accommodation. Leilua says that while in Apia they visited relatives at Lalomanu and stayed at the beach fales. After a while they decided to set up something similar in Savaii, especially as a lot of surfers stop by their shop asking for accommodation.

Quoting Leilua: "We began in 1994 with one big fale. This grew to three fales in 1995, and then as they say, the rest is history. We particularly enjoy inviting our guests to enjoy the Sunday To’ona’i or feast."