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Sweet Escape Fales on Manono Island in Samoa, offers charming lockable bungalow accommodation located in the village of Faleu. The views from your affordable bungalows look out across the turquoise coloured lagoon and takes in the lush mountain ranges on Upolu Island.

Manono Island is a small island paradise with no cars and no dogs allowed. Immerse yourself in culture and visit us on Manono Island and we would be happy to share our culture and island with you.

If you enjoy the laid back life style, want to learn how life is lived in the true Samoan way, hike around the island and up to the Star Mound, then Manono Island is definitely the place to go. Sweet Escape Fales awaits you!

Sweet Escape Fales is located at the village of Faleu, on the island of Manono on the west south west end of Upolu Island, in Samoa. It is approximately a 15-minute drive from the Faleolo International Airport or an hour drive from Apia Township


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Hotel Address: Manono Island, Manono

Getting there (local language)

Pu'e se pasi mai Apia ona aga'i lea i le uafu i Manono Uta. Pu'e lea o se va'a i le motu. O pasi e mafai ona pu'eina e iai pasi a Manono uta, Samatau po'o Falelatai.

Getting there

One can catch the local bus to Manono Uta wharf prior to embarking on a boat trip across to the island. Buses to catch include Manono, Apolima, Samatau or Falelatai. Alternatively a taxi will set you back SAT65/one way from Apia.