Shopping in Samoa

Shopping in Samoa takes on a carnival appeal, with a melange of colours, artefacts, traditional fare and bargaining power! Popular Samoan shopping items include lavalava (sarongs) and handicrafts. Staff at hotels in Samoa can be helpful with Samoan shopping tips.

Put on your sunnies, let's go shopping in Samoa!

This Samoa shopping guide provides you with some handy information about shopping hours, what to buy and where the best shopping is. After an exciting day of shopping, why not pull up a chair and enjoy some of the sensational Samoan food and cuisine.

Samoa Shopping Guide

Business Hours

Business hours in Samoa are generally Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:30. Lunch is from 12:00 to 13:00, and some shops and businesses may be closed for lunch. Saturday business hours are from 08:00 to 12:30. There is no Sunday trading, so buy what you need on Saturday. All business and shops are closed, with the exception of some convenience stores.


Apia Flea Market

The Apia Flea Market is open all day and offers a wide range of handicrafts, imported goods, small convenience stores and food stalls.

Apia Fish Market

Located adjacent to the Flea Market, the Fish Market is open from 05:30 to 11:00 and sells the daily catch.

Apia Food Market

Located on Fugalei Street, and also known as the Maketi Fou. This is Apia's main produce market. Fresh produce, cooked meals and local handicrafts are all sold here. The first time you try a bowl of Kava is an unforgettable experience!


Samoan handicrafts include wood carvings and woven bags, baskets and mats. Traditional wood carvings include Kava bowls, walking sticks and war clubs (full size or miniature). Bags, baskets and mats are woven from narrow strips of treated pandanus leaves. The traditional toga, the highest quality and most beautiful mat, is made from strips of pandanus leaves.


The lavalava (sarong) is an ideal dress in warm, tropical Samoa. Apart from pure comfort, the colours, patterns and motifs can be spectacular and stunning. Well worth a purchase!


Originally meant only for women of rank in Samoa, traditional Samoan tattoos (pe'a) somehow filtered down to men. Because of the distinction attached, tattooing became very popular among the youths of Samoa who considered tattoos to be a mark of their manhood. Wander into one of the local Samoan tattoo shops and have a look at the intricate Polynesian patterns.

General Top

Vaea Street, Saleufi
Tel: +685 22363
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Farmer Joe Supermarket
Tel: +685-26388
view on map
Opposite the New Market
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Opposite the Clock Tower in the heart of Apia
Tel: +685 22615
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Chandra House, Convent Street
Tel: +685 20470
Moto'otua, 100m from the National Hospital
Tel: +685 200275
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Boutique Designer Wear Top

Macdonald Building
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Downstairs Chandra House, Saleufi and Faleolo Airport
Tel: 21007 (Apia Branch) 42160 (Faleolo Intl Airport)
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Horizon Surf Shop
Tel: +685-31366
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Gift Shoppes Top

Levili, next to Apia Park
Tel: 32887
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