Samoa Tours and Activities

Samoa offers travelers many things to see and do, including great guided Samoa tours and activities to explore our beautiful islands, historic and cultural attractions plus lots of sights off the beaten track for those after an adventure.

Relax on white sandy beaches in Samoa, snorkel the reef just metres from the beach, take a walk around beautiful waterfalls or simply peruse the local Samoa handicraft markets. If you’re after adventure, scuba diving in Samoa is the perfect way to see the South Pacific at its best, or cycle and kayak; guided or hire your own, around our islands to explore the rich history and culture. Samoa also boasts some of the best deep sea fishing you’ll ever find.

And don’t forget at the end of the night there is a comfortable bed in great Samoa accommodation and an ice cold coconut (nui) to look forward too!

Samoa offers holiday packages, tours and day trips for singles, couples and families. Whatever your budget or comfort level, you will never be bored in Samoa. Let us help you to plan, package and book you’re perfect Samoa holiday with great tours and activities to suit you.

Duration: 6 hours