Special Offers-Samoana Jazz & Arts Festival

Talofa Lava...

Welcome to our invitation to be part of Samoana Jazz & Arts Festival.

Our aim is to build Samoana Jazz & Arts Festivalinto a premier Pacific pilgrimage. An international event that visitors, fans, musicians and artists from near & far are compelled to travel to every year.  It will provide a world class musical and arts experience within a thriving cultural environment for patrons, audiences and artists – creating economic development benefits to the Samoa Islands. 

Samoana Jazz & Arts Festival combines 2 countries east and west.  A one brand weekend to weekend annual festival of the 2Samoas – Samoana 2016 opens in American Samoa November Fri 4, Sat 5 & Sun 6  and closes in  Samoa Fri 11, Sat 12 and Sun 13

Samoana - We are one people, one language, and one culture - showcasing all th
e things we are - in celebration with others from around the world.